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Have luck!


5 Σχόλια

  1. lyricaldonbt

     /  Μαΐου 27, 2012

    Hey there mate. Your tips have a very good strike rate, but absolutely no foundation, preview or substance. It is very easy for people to pick tips out of the air and they win. However, I find these types of tips hard to back. Do you not think it better, to give a little knowledge/preview on how the selection came about. I am an avid follower of a site called, I also run the tipster competition on there and have become friends with the sites owner, he writes a full preview and lets his members know where the bet will go wrong/right, it makes it much easier for you to make your mind up when taking a bet, I know you know of TFT. Do you not think it would be better for us punters, that you gave some insight into how you came up with your tips, if you have any! Cheers, I loook forward to hearing your response!

    • Hello dude , thank you for visiting my site. I hope you got some money from my tips. Well i don’t like the explaination of every match , i prefer to read alone every single match and choose the best for my followers (and my self of course!).The most important of bet tips is the luck. Luck 80% and preview 20%.
      I am not qualified to confine the opinion of the people. For every match , every time will be a different opinion. So i prefer to give the tip and if you think that the tip is pretty good for bet , then do it!
      Ian (TFT) is doing an excellent work with his explain for every match , but as i said , i don’t like that kind of tips-bet. I hope that I covered you.

      In that life LUCK is the most important thing!

      Thank’s for your visit and i hope to be continue!

      Have a good night and good LUCK!

  2. lyricaldonbt

     /  Μαΐου 27, 2012

    I haven’t bet on any of your tips bro, as like I stated above, I find it hard to back things without knowing the reasoning for the tip. I could open a site and just post tips and some would win, some would lose. I am a tipster myself, I have a mailing list of people that I send tips out to when I feel I have a good winner/bet and I take the same approach as Ian. I have found from my own betting, that people like to know that you are knowledgable on your chosen subject. I specialise in non-league English football, English league football, darts, horses & T20 cricket, when it starts. I suppose I just wanted to know, what your knowledge was and how you come up with your tips. I have to disagree with your reliance on luck, i feel knowledge is power and if you are confident you have all the facts/knowledge you stand a good chance of winning, more than you lose. Losses will always happen, it’s inevitable, but betting on stuff you know about will keep the losses down. Anyway, keep up the good work, I only stumbled on your site from your posts of TFT quick chat and thought I would have a look and seeing that you are wordpress I didn’t have to sign up. If you would like to contact me feel free I always like to have new people from overseas in my contacts, it comes in very handy.

  3. lyricaldonbt

     /  Μαΐου 27, 2012

    A site you may find useful is it is ran by a friend of Ian’s, Toby is his name. There are sections on that site for tipsters, discussing certain banners you can get on your site, pop along and have a look.

    • Thank’s for your site. About my picks you can see by yourself that i am not liying. Anyway , if you want to send me your tips (so i can add them into my site by your name) then i will be happy!
      Have a nice day!



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